Shiatsu Workshops

Come join Sabine Schnatz in an amazing full-day hands-on workshop. In this workshop, you will learn about the unique techniques of shiatsu, a Japanese bodywork based on the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine. This massage, performed on a mat with your client fully clothed, involves applying pressure along the meridians to move and balance stagnant chi-energy.

In this 6-hour workshop, you will learn about the major meridian lines, connect with your hara (which is your power center) through meditations and exercises, and practice how to give a complete back treatment using the unique shiatsu touch.

Reflexology Workshops


From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, your feet carry you everywhere you need to go. Yet, when do we ever take the time to honor and care for our feet?

By massaging the feet, we can affect the entire body: internal organs and glands, spine, digestive, nervous and lymphatic systems. In this workshop, you learn the various reflexology zones and how to give yourself and others a deeply relaxing healing treatment. This hands-on workshop consists of theory, demonstrations, exercises, and practice.

Chakra Activation 1-Day Workshop

In this 1-day chakra workshop, you will experience your 7 main chakras. You will get the basic information, connect with each chakra, and feel a special energy. You will learn techniques to strengthen and harmonize the chakras.

Through movements, visualization, sounds, and medication, you will develop a deeper connection with your Chakra Energy. You will become self-aware. To find out more about Chakra Activation, visit the House of Shiatsu Facebook page.

Chakra Activation 8-Week Course

chakras-fixedIn this eight-week comprehensive course, we gradually and intensively activate the chakras consecutively, in order to bring self-awareness to the energy of your Chakras. This class meets weekly for two-hour sessions.

In each class, we will work on a different chakra through theory, Kundalini yoga exercises, chanting, meditation, visualization, and journaling. Our goal is to explore how the various aspects of these energy centers are expressed in our lives and to restore balance where needed. In order to go deeply into the process of awakening the energy through the chakras, it is highly recommended to work consecutively through each one.