shiatsuimage1Shiatsu takes its origins from Japan thousands of years ago and has developed into its present-day form a little over a hundred years ago. Drawing on traditional Chinese knowledge for its basics, Shiatsu uses the same meridians (energy pathways) and points as acupuncture and tuina.

Shiatsu is a specific form of healing touch and a complete health care system that works with the body’s resources. Like acupuncture, Shiatsu stimulates the body’s vital energy (known as Qi or Ki). Shiatsu is calm and relaxing in nature, yet dynamic in effect. With treatment, the body begins to re-adjust itself, and healing takes place. The receiver is supported to become more aware of their body and mental state.

shiatzuimage2Shiatsu is practiced on a clothed person on a mat. The pressure is applied with thumbs, fingers, hands, elbows, knees, and feet along the meridians (energy pathways). Rotations and strains promote the mobility of the whole person. The pressure varies according to the person, body areas, and purpose for the work. It can be deep and help ease physical tensions; or light and soothing. Often included are stretches and mobilizations, breathing, and visualization.

Since Shiatsu works holistically, rather than focusing on conditions, people of all ages can benefit from this healing art practice. Shiatsu is useful as preventative health care and excellent if feeling unwell or suffering from an unknown medical condition. If you do have a medical condition, Shiatsu can offer support to handle the situation more easily.

shiatzuimage3People receive Shiatsu treatments for varied reasons and specific ailments from acute to chronic; and physical to emotional. They may come with structural problems such as bad necks, aching backs, or other conditions like menstrual difficulties, skin disorders, digestive problems, and migraine headaches. Psychological issues including depression or stress can also be a factor. Shiatsu is supportive during major life transitions including adolescence, infertility, pregnancy, menopause, and aging. When done regularly, Shiatsu can alleviate health conditions and provide stability to the body’s systems.

75-Minute Shiatsu Treatment: USD$65 or 3,500 pesos
90-Minute Shiatsu Treatment: USD$75 or 4,000 pesos