House of Shiatsu: Shiatsu & REM; Emotional Bodywork; Energy, Reflexology & Transformational Breath


House of Shiatsu, Perla Marina, R.D.

How would you like to treat yourself to the unforgettable, healing setting of a tropical environment?

Visit the House of Shiatsu to experience deep relaxation and optimized healing capacity through a variety of different healing modalities such as Shiatsu, energy work, energy massage, and transformational breathing.

The House of Shiatsu is located between Sosua and Cabarete in the beautiful community of Perla Marina. Feel the peaceful energy of nature and enjoy the quiet beach near Natura Cabana and its specialty restaurants.

Relaxation begins as you arrive at House of Shiatsu with a mighty old Jovo tree overseeing the studio, who shares its powerful, peaceful, and protective energy. Rustling leaves and palm trees dancing in the wind play nature´s soothing background music. The space is bright and breezy with ample windows. Entering this energetic space is the first step to well-being.

The North Coast is a beautiful place, and it’s easy to be busy with activities, whether surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, adventure eco-trips, or nightlife. However, there is a time your body, soul, and mind need a balance between active yang energy and resting yin energy. Enter the House of Shiatsu to calm down, relax, reconnect with yourself, and recharge your energy.