vuPxuux4HVScefVsguT5MwNVzVENCPkItwqk8ne30WQREM works on three levels–energetic, emotional, and physical.

The first level is balancing the energy system by tracing along the meridians with a special metal stick.

The second level is working with the stick on the head points, which are connected to the chakras. We uncover experiences blocking your life force using this process.

The third level is a gentle alignment of the pelvis, spine, and neck. Finally, all the joints are moved for flexibility. Working on a deep level this treatment is most beneficial when done in a series.

60-Minute REM Treatment: 2000 Pesos
75-Minute REM Treatment: 2500 Pesos
90-Minute REM Treatment: 3000 Pesos

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