Emotional Bodywork

IMG_3060Do you feel stuck in situations or relationships? Do you keep repeating the same patterns and do not know how to change them? Do you experience anxiety or nervousness, which is frustrating for you?

According to research on disease control, an emotional connection is found in 85% of all illnesses and physical pain. With emotional bodywork, we build a safe and trusting space to discover the underlying causes of your physical and emotional pain. Through different emotional bodywork techniques, we help you to find relief.

In this process, you connect with your inner wisdom to build self-trust and to find answers needed for clarity to break those patterns that are keeping you stuck.

60-Minute Emotional Bodywork Treatment: 2000 Pesos
75-Minute Emotional Bodywork Treatment: 2500 Pesos
90-Minute Emotional Bodywork Treatment: 3000 Pesos